knee-sock-wearing, certified personal trainer. i run. and do mom-stuff. i've fallen out of love with my knee socks. not sure if this break up is permanent. but i'm currently exploring other options. lots of things are changing, but i'm still married to a madman, thirteen years and counting... Oh, and then there's this.
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Seems I’ve caught the ultra running bug. It was bound to happen sooner or later, right? I mean, being married to an ultra runner and having a crazy-addictive-obsessive-type personality like I have…with an unwavering desire to push my comfortable limits, definitely makes doing an ultra an obvious next step for me. 

So, I’ve signed up for my first 50k. It’s in October. Friday, October 11th to be exact. As of today, my longest run has been 20 miles. This is what makes it even more crazy. And exciting. 

The Wickatunk Track Club Runway 27 Miler (pictured above) will be part of my training. My training…starting today I’ll be bumping things up a notch. Yeah.

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